Our Work to date

A study of the population and distribution of beavers across Tayside was undertaken by SNH in 2010 and can be accessed here http://www.snh.org.uk/pdfs/publications/commissioned_reports/540.pdf


TBSG members have been involved in the installation of a flow control device, which helps to prevent dams causing problem flooding. We are involved in other practical mitigation projects such as tree protection and are happy to offer advice to landowners who have beavers present. More information is available on the advice page of this website.


April 2014 saw the completion of our most significant project to date, a trapping and health and genetic screening programme with a total of 21 individual beavers being sampled from across Tayside (including live trapped and post mortems). Blood, faecal, anal gland secretion, castoreum and hair samples were used to obtain health and genetic information from these animals. Animals over a certain age class as defined by weight also underwent ultrasound

and laparoscopic examination of the liver for evidence of parasitic infection. All caught beavers bar one that died

on recovery from aesthetic, were successfully re-released back into their territories. Animals tested negative for all diseases and non-native parasites screened for (except a beaver host specific live fluke) and were found to be in

good body condition.


We are currently undertaking lodge productivity surveys across Tayside to establish information on kit emergence, including numbers and dates and to provide an assessment on colony size and composition.





Tayside Beaver Study Group is in the process of documenting the experiences of land owners and managers with beaver activity on their land, both positive and negative. We ask that anyone with beaver activity on their land completes a land owner/manager questionnaire. The information collected will be used to inform the Scottish Government of the situations facing land owners and managers resulting from beaver activity.

Please contact the project Officer to obtain a copy of the questionnaire.


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